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milk_shake Direct Colour Pink

milk_shake Direct Colour Pink
milk_shake Temporary Pink Colour Treatment

Fresh pastel pink hues are expected to be huge for Summer 2015 and milk_shake Pink Direct Colour is a temporary colour treatment that can be used at home or in the salon to colour, condition and protect the hair.

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A temporary pink colour treatment with instant results!

milk_shake love a little pink hair colour for festivals and statement summer hair. If you are considering rocking a pastel pink shade for Summer 2015 or tempted by baby pink locks for Glastonbury then milk_shake® direct colour pink is your perfect ally. This is a temporary pink hair colour treatment that can help you create these looks. The treatment will colour, condition and protect your hair and has the ability to correct difficult technical hair problems. Pink direct colour intensifies and adds vibrancy to pink and red hair tones or can be mixed with clear to create a baby pink look. You should use direct colour under the instruction of your milk_shake® stylist. The duration of the colour varies on the condition and colour of your hair prior to the treatment and exposure to colour fading agents post treatment. You can expect an average of 8 – 10 washes. We recommend you combine this product with the milk_shake® colour maintainer shampoo and conditioner. Should you wish to create milk_shake® cocktails with your pink direct colour, you will need to carefully mix with milk_shake® Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner and follow the usage instructions provided in the tab below.

What it does:

Highlights natural or coloured hair; adds vibrancy to coloured hair, tones blonde hair, hides first signs of grey

Best for:

Coloured hair or pre permanent hair colouring