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milk_shake Curl Passion Designer

Ms Curl Passion Designer 175ml
milk_shake Curl Passion Designer
curl designer


With polymers that shape and condition curls, counteracting frizz. With grapefruit, apple and peach extracts, and polymers with a conditioning and shaping action, it helps to hydrate the hair leaving curls bouncy, conditioned and shiny.


Embrace your curls with milk_shake Curl Passion Designer!

Specifically formulated for curly hair, milk_shake Curl Passion Designer is a styling treatment with sculpting and conditioning polymers to tame curls and combat frizz. This styling treatment uses the benefits of organic apple, peach and grapefruit extract combined with sculpting and conditioning polymers to boost hydration and leave hair glossy, supple and in excellent condition.

Active ingredients:

hyaluronic acid, apple extract, peach extract, grapefruit extract, sorbitol.


apply to clean, damp hair. Leave in for 3-5 minutes, comb through and rinse.