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milk_shake Glistening Serum

Glistening Serum
milk_shake Glistening Serum
Drops of shine for frizzy hair

milk_shake Glistening Serum eliminates frizz during and after styling and protects hair from heat and styling tools, milk_shake glistening serum has the benefit of smoothing the hair cuticle, adding extreme shine and smoothness.


A serum that adds moisture to the hair and creates stunning shine

Formulated with date seed oil extract and abyssinian oil, milk_shake Glistening Serum gives manageability and helps to maintain the hair’s moisture balance. For advanced results use this with the milk_shake Glistening and Integrity ranges this will give you incredible shine!

Eliminates frizz during and after styling, protecting the fibre from heat sources and improving manageability during styling. Smoothens the cuticle, giving shine and extreme silkiness. Leaves hair healthy, soft and shiny.

Active ingredients:

Abyssinian oil, date seed extract.


Apply a few drops to the palms of the hands and distribute over hair either before or after styling.


1 kg